If you are located in the Tucson Area and need to schedule an appointment for in-person, click the button below. Appointments are handled on a first come first served basis, please do not make an appointment unless you have all your tax documents.


If you are NOT located in the Tucson Area, or are out of state, or just want to submit everything without needing an appointment for in-person, click the button below


$80 Fee for Single or Head of Household.
* $100 Fee if Married Filing Jointly or $80 each if Married Filing Separately for each individual return if both are filing.
* If there are any 1099-MISC or 1099-K’s or self-employment (under the table or cash businesses, rental properties, etc.) add an additional $20 each
* If you reside outside of Arizona, and you are required to file a state income tax add an additional $20 for each state
* If you would like a Physical Check printed and able to pick up or be mailed to you. There is an additional $20 Fee to have a physical check to be printed and delivered.
* If you would like your fees and charges deducted directly from your refund for an additional $15 Fee ONLY IF you do not owe the IRS and back taxes or have any tax liens, or payment of all fees will be due at the time of appointment via Cash, Debit or Credit.

* If filing an Amended Tax Return or Prior Years, the cost is $100 per year or amendment plus an extra fees that apply like above. Also for Amended taxes we MUST HAVE the following in order to file them, copy of that years Tax Return that was filed, as well as the W2 or any other documents that were used when filing. (We basically have to refile your taxes all over again to produce an amended tax form)

Refund Transfer Fee: There is also a $66 fee that is taken out of everyone’s tax return this year that elect to have fees taken out of their refunds (conditions apply), known as the Refund Transfer Processing Filing Fee (Republic Bank & Trust). This fee will be taken out of which ever refund hits first, If the state is funded first they will take out of there, if its federal you get first, or can be split between them, it will be deducted from there.

IN-HOME OR CASH (Barbers, Stylist, Entertainers, Dancers, etc.) BUSINESS: would be Single or Head of Household $80 + $20 for the In-Home or Cash business (Barbers, Stylist, Entertainers, Dancers, etc.) for a total of $100


We offer many different forms of payments methods for your refund ranging from: Direct Deposit into your bank account, NetSpend Visa® Prepaid Cards, Walmart Direct2Cash, and Physical Checks (Tucson Area Only for checks for a small fee) from Wells Fargo Bank. Let us know how you would like your refund!